Trumpism Leading in Greed

If all this wasn`t dangerous it would be the best live comedy act going

The moronic Democrats who have reams of questions to answer as to the DNC POTUS selection criteria now scream Russia At Trump who incidentally did everything humanely possible to show he was not worthy for the top job

Caitlin Johnstone wrote
“The DNC didn’t just sabotage Bernie Sanders, the DNC sabotaged you. Millions and millions of Americans decided to lift up an uncharismatic, disheveled-looking Senator from Vermont and carry him toward the White House completely unassisted by establishment media or corporate funding”

Now that the unhinged Republicans are showing their true selves [which they have since Reaganomics} and their supporters are wondering why they all of a sudden will have no Obamacare and rape is a pre existing condition

Back to Caitlin`s excellent piece,she asks
“Why is a journalist for the New York Times blocking a potential source from contacting him? Why is the mainstream media refusing to go anywhere near a legal case that has heavy implications for the future of American democracy? You already know the answer to this deep down”

What happens when whistle blowers and or truthseekers are from your own side?

“I had the privilege of interviewing my newest personal hero yesterday, attorney Elizabeth Lee Beck, about her legal team’s fraud case against the Democratic National Committee. One of the many useful insights that this straight-shooting mom on fire brought to light during our conversation was her story about a time she reached out to New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro to get some help cracking through the deep, dark media blackout on this extremely important case. Barbaro had previously interviewed Beck and featured her in a front-page story not long ago, so she had every reason to try and contact him. What happened next?
“The little piss head blocks me,” Beck said” .

This whole piece is here…

So now we have the Comey sacking bigly done
FBI director Comey was the chief proponent of keeping Julian Assange where he is {in the top 10 of the US most wanted list}
Comey`s known attitude ” American journalists got the same information Assange did but didn`t choose to dump all of it like Assange has,they would only let out a little”
And of course saying he was never contacted by Wikileaks to a Congressional hearing have been repudiated in the most extraordinary way by the man he wishes to incarcerate,Julian Assange


Then in many Town Halls we have voter backlash against their Republican Reps





The LNP Federal Budget 2017,ScoMo`s second has been dubbed a “Labor Lite Budget”

Well FFS,wouldn`t you just go for the real thing?

I imagine a number of News Ltd hacks are laying claim to the moniker

There seem to be circumstances lining up presently,engineered circumstance readying itself to do what the G20 discussed in Brisbane in 2014 [ Australia has $2 trillion that can be added to Hedge Funds-Over the counter derivatives & Bank resolutions here

The 2007 Sub Prime Mortgage crash which was blamed for the 2008 GFC began in earnest after Lehman`s collapse with Fanny Mae/Freedy Mac seeing in mid 2015 that six houses were empty around the US for every homeless person

Empty Homes Outnumber The Homeless 6 To 1 here

The importance of saying this is because Western Australia is right now going through the Fanny Mae/Freddie Mac syndrome

Over 2000 houses have been repossessed by banks since 2015 and the number is growing fast [ Calla Wahlquist,Guardian Australia wrote –

“There have been 2,052 civil property possession applications before the supreme court in WA since July 2015, more than in the previous two years. The majority of the applications were from banks calling in the mortgage.

There has been a 14% increase in calls to the national debt helpline in the first three months of 2017 and and a third of those calls relate to mortgage stress.”

Her eye opening article here

Here 180 + Elderly are to be removed from a caravan park near Melbourne,their sites worthless as most are in situ demountables that aren`t demountable anymore

The Perth mortgage belt is a hive of home losing activity and unemployment bites hard


Banker to Australia,Malcolm Turnbull has as PM directed his Treasurer to put a tax on Banks which will make him look good so that bankers will be paying some tax,but will be paid for by us taxpayers [with interest]

Bankers are smart,but we`re onto them,and what can we do,SFA it appears




James Packer made six times his money on Macau

He sold 13.4% for $1.6 billion last December and now has gotten rid of the last 11.2% for $1.34 billion here

The crash is here now happening in installments and soon it will avalanche

We`re In For A Hell Of A Ride





  1. Hi Trish,the mix is on purpose because it seems that`s how we receive our news lately,strange indeed
    I`ll check out the link to twitter
    I know I can tweet the article from the bottom of the page,so I have more to learn then?

  2. There is a strange obsession growing in leaps and bounds that places money now as the main commodity of exchange in most western societies…not essential services, not food clothing nor shelter, but the accumulation of raw capital as the aspiration of the top 1-2-3%…while we who supply the essentials of life are dismissed as expendable drones…A person seems no longer to be admired for their pursuit of excellence in any field of endeavour, but rather to be admired and celebrated for the amount of accumulated wealth.
    The Entrepreneur now rules over the conscientious citizen.

    1. You are certainly correct and there appears little we can do about it because people struggle day to day to exist
      Meanwhile in Occupied Palestine the Israelis are doing this

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