Australia,the land of FAKE NEWS

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,1Headline today from Herald Sun

Donald Trump: Syrian chemical attack ‘an affront to humanity’

Earlier in the year the Trump admin decided to let Syrian/Russo contemplations take their course without further intervention

The admin even went further and said that it was to fight ISIS and not assist so called moderate rebels affiliated with a loose mix of al Nusra al Qaeda & various Salafists etc the simple explanation of this here

There are those who do not want the peace talks to go ahead and the usual players of Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Israel come readily to mind,if not blatant fact


The above tweets smack so much of hypocrisy as to the wanton slaughter of Palestinian civilians it beggars belief that these tweets even exist {a whole another story]

Look I can understand people`s outrage,especially with pics of dead children [the father holding his passed away twins is especially heart rending]

But we have to be factual because millions of lives are at stake,not just those 58 allegedly involved in this latest atrocity

Brussels Conference “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region” on 4-5 April 2017

The attack with it`s associated horror of fatalities being a {chemical/gas attack} seems to have an eerie timing with UN peace talks in Brussels here

Calls have been made by Western leaders to suspend these talks and the UN BBC headline is  [cert: here }

Syria civil war: UN calls emergency talks after ‘gas attack’

But then we have this on the same day,April 5 as Trump wants to broker peace talks between Israel & Palestine

Trump wants to broker Middle East peace talks

Condemnation in Australia has been bilateral,which is good,but has the finger been pointed at the right culprit

I was sad to see such quick finger pointing and it reminded me of the silence of only weeks ago from this horrible atrocity ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yet again a coalition airstrike on a school and or hospital killing civilians

What gets me most about the whole Middle East horror is that we seem to accept the MSM version and very few delve a little further

For any who wish to learn more about the Syrian conflict then Tim Anderson an Aussie academic is worth the visit

tim anderson


Writer, internationalist, academic. Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. Member of Hands Off Syria.

Sydney, Australia.

I tweeted this to our politicians early this morning WA time

I now ask you to see what former UK Ambassador to Syria has to say and decide for yourselves just as to what the truth may be

Finally to end this piece here is yet another real piece of journalism from Tom Dugan


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