Imperialism Has A Price Regime change is nothing new for the world`s biggest powers but what is new is that people see through the discombobulation laden main stream media propaganda. No sooner than US or UK intel come up with some cockamyme story as to Assad committing heinous crimes against children than real reporters on… Read More WARGASM

The Day After

Trump tweeted,May & Macron come What have many of us learned from yesterday`s  missile attack on Syria? We learned that UK Tory PM,Theresa May has no compunction about nuking 100,000 innocent men,women and children from her own mouth "Would you #kill 100,000 innocent men women and children with a nuclear strike" Theresa May "YES!"#NoHeart #SyriaStrikespic.twitter.com/e3QHO0ZcPT… Read More The Day After