Political Acumen – Have Labor & Greens Pulled One Over The Senate X Bench?

Two bills have just gone through both houses of the Australian parliament & they`re both horrors

The first of the horror bills to go through both houses was a website blocking one known as  the (Online Infringement)-Bill 2018

This was written about in Computerworld on the 29th of November & can be read here

The second of the horror bills to go through both houses on the 6th December,just 8 days after the OI Bill is known as the AA Bill {assistance & access bill} which can be read about here

So by doing just a bit of critical thinking it`s easy to see that by being able to block websites {excluding kiddy porn or beastiality,which should be blocked IMO} for any other but the 2 reasons I mentioned we can see a pattern of totalitarian internet regime being forged

We look for balance & understanding-where is it?

So I am going to call it then as it is not out there yet,Labor & the Greens appear to have worked together on this one – bear with me folks

It`s all got to do with keeping skin in the game & by that I mean being able to insert amendments into these nefarious bills that give the public some protection against the worst aspects of them

In the AI Bill the Greens were able to get amendments in which are reported on here

In the AA Bill Labor were able to get amendments in which are reported on here

I came to this conclusion this morning because seeing as both these bills affect our internet usage to some degree [or can have the potential to} and /or that so many tech companies are screaming blue murder,even an economic death due to the AA Bill according to some

My conclusion is that because the XBench has the numbers to pass bad LNP legislation if needed it`s was better for both Labor & Greens to keep skin in the game

Senate 2018

The above graph clearly shows the truth of my statement & we know the HoR is kept together by pork more so than honest government practices

AA Bill amendments guarantee

AAbill guarantee

Does This Make Sense?

To some it will,to many it may not,to those who know me they may think, WTF Biggy !! how did you contrive this,being a one eyed Labor man,who despises the Greens?

Two situations hit me simultaneously 1- when the #AngryMob as I coined the Greens yesterday,ferociously attacked Labor & all supporters as this being Labor`s fault,and 2- I kept being dragged back to the AI Bill telling Greens {Bandt & supporters} what about this

After I linked a tweet reply of the Computerworld story link to a tweet the Greens single HoR rep Adam Bandt posted I noticed his tweet didn`t roll around so often

This got me thinking in another direction,how come there were no Labor MP`s  posting about the AI Bill the Greens signed with the LNP only 6 days before

There are some Greens supporters I converse with who are critical thinkers & basically they have no answer but have stopped blaming Labor for the AA Bill passage,even if only Senate mathematics struck them


To finish here is a meme


Meanwhile other things surface https://twitter.com/Max_Gross/status/1071310307220369408



2 thoughts on “Political Acumen – Have Labor & Greens Pulled One Over The Senate X Bench?

  1. Thank heavens you finally worked it out as i have been paying a lot of attention to the way ALP members have been tweeting abd i have noticed a huge decline in their usage of twitter over the last 2 months, the only times i have seen them tweet is about policy or to announce a press statement or media interview apart from these they have been very quiet which leads one to think that there is something big comming out soon maybe at next weekends tienial conferrance

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