Twitter has gone rank with every Greens & their dog barking about Labor signing up to the #aabill

It`s well known what went down now on the last sitting day of parliament,how the filibustering in the Senate over the aabill amendments saw it was too late to send down the bill passed to get the kids off Nauru because Morrison shut down the HoR at 5pm precisely to host drinks

This left the [ now passed by Senate] Kids Off Nauru bill waiting until February when parliament resumes and the aabill still unsigned because the amendments were asked to be further amended

A good bit of politicking ploy by labor to keep the HoR open to get the kids bill there,but it wasn`t to be,Morrison wasn`t going to lose to the kids on this that day

So getting to the aabill that seems to have so many experts tweeting on how bad Labor was for signing up to it minus amendments yet agreed to have amendments inserted when parliament re starts

While the bill was still sitting unsigned in the Senate Morrison & his Deputy Frydenberd accused Labor in the media they were assisting Terrorists & paedophiles but not signing the bill

Not to be wedged by LNP & media Shorten & Shadow AG Dreyfus fronted media telling them the bill has been signed so authorities can have the access they need over the Xmas holiday period in case of any terrorist activity

Then it escalated quickly

Out they came,Greens from out of every frog pond espousing their horror at Labor`s “traitorous act ” some described it to outright being fucking neo-liberals by others

They said people in the industry were against it,which ones? because they weren`t specific,some said IT industry,some said IN app sellers,some said ISP on sellers

When they were asked by tweeps what the dangers were the answers varied greatly as well”I have a gut feeling was the most popular ” then they said if the LNP wanted it then it`s wrong”

When the “angry mob” were told about amendments to the bill “Fluff ” was used by one tweeter & disinterest by the majority of others

Then of course point scoring derision was deployed as part of the “angry mob ” metaphor with an example here of Shortens “over the Xmas holiday period statement”which was repeated in Trish Corry`s excellent piece on her take of the ” angry mob “

red herring

So this tweeter told Trish Corry that the Xmas thing is a red herring because of  clause 17 on page 37 of the aabill it states (2) A time limit specified in a consultation notice must run for at least 28 days.

Which puts this time period back to 3rd January before the bill can be used by security agencies

Well that falls pretty well into the early middle section of the Xmas holiday period as all Australians know it,because these holidays occur during the Summer school break beginning latter December to late January,depending in which state one lives,they are usually 6 weeks in length

But wait,there`s more from Vince O`Grady showing how being a point scorer only ends up in kicking an own goal for the “Black Sheep”


  1. . here is what the 28 day clause says. 317W Consultation about a proposal to give a technical capability notice (1) The Attorney-General must not give a technical capability notice to a designated communications provider unless the Attorney-General has first: (a) given the provider a written notice (the consultation notice): (i) setting out a proposal to give the technical capability notice; and (ii) inviting the provider to make a submission to the Attorney-General on the proposed technical capability notice; and (b) considered any submission that was received within the time limit specified in the consultation notice; and (c) considered any copy of a report given to the Attorney-General under subsection (7) within the time limit specified in the consultation notice. (2) A time limit specified in a consultation notice must run for at least 28 days. (3) The rule in subsection (2) does not apply to a technical capability notice given to a designated communications provider if: (a) the Attorney-General is satisfied that the technical capability notice should be given as a matter of urgency; or (b) compliance with subsection (2) is impracticable; or (c) the provider waives compliance with subsection (2).

  2. Vince  O'Grady

    Look at (3). All Porter has to do is say he is satisfied that the TCN should be given as a matter of urgency. Please add this into your Blog under the Sheep person’s completely stupid reading of the 28 days.

From late Thursday when the aabill was signed I asked the “angry mob ” to show me evidence of how this bill was going to affect me & them

I got told to “go fuck myself” a number of times & blocked,I got told I`m a fanboy,I got told I`m a rusted on Labor [which I unashamedly am} I got told “you`ve no fucking idea what you`re talking about”.

But I was never told by the “angry mob” what it was that was going to affect me & them

They never told me why the bill was so bad and had no explanation ensuing,so this morning I tweeted this


If any “angry mob “read this then please tell me how the aabill is going to affect us please

Here is the bill pdf >;fileType=application/pdf

Here is the advisory report & amendments pdf >;fileType=application/pdf

To finish up,I would like to ask the ängry mob “if this bill the Greens signed with the LNP on 29th November is not as dangerous as the aabill?

You see I think this ” Government expansion of website-blocking scheme ” can block alternate media sites { like Wikileaks } etc from overseas stopping people from being fully informed , which is how they wish to shut down social media so that only the corporate media narrative is allowed,but that`s my next piece

Thank you Trish Corry @Trish_Corry  for your tireless work supporting Labor& helping make Australia a better place,I also say this to you Lauraine Knight @rainey_knight ,your efforts are heartwarming indeed

I also thank all those Labor supporters who follow me on Twitter,especially those called out as “Labor Russian Bots “by Liberal Senator CFW

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