Big Losers & Bigger Losers

An article in Big Think states

There are 3 types of Schadenfreude and when you feel them here 

Schadenfreude is a common feeling, but not all of it is the same.

Many of us {Labor supporters} are feeling some form of mischievous joy at the Victorian Election results,counting still progressing with Labor on 52 as MLA, with 55 predicted & 19 as MLC,just 2 shy of an absolute majority

I use mischievous instead of schadenfreude because that`s what I was brought up with,because I did high school German our group used schadenfreude when we were being smart arses,gesundheit,thank you.

Victoria Votes 2018 had pretty well it all

There was a Greens candidate withdrawn late in the proceedings over alleged sex scandals and a Lib a few days before for what I cannot even remember,but the VEC had his HTV`s removed,this could not be done for the Greens candidate as he withdrew just 2 days or so prior the election.



The biggest percentage losers of any near major Party in Saturday`s Victorian election has been the Greens with 80% of their Upper House MLC`s gone
A lower seat one is in hot water & another is coming to the boil

Social media has seen tweets mainly by Adam Bandt,but also Richard di Natale just bagging Labor

Bandt went on a full weeks rant against Labor`s Federal CC policy releases prior VicVotes2018
Like this total B/S example

This had the Victorian Greens following suit in messaging

Good on Dan Andrews & team,just 2 shy of both houses majority [but with good negotiating skills Labor will not see a repeat of Greens first vote in the VLC seeing them vote in a Liberal President} as they did in 2014

But hey,the Greens broke their necks palling up with Malcolm Turnbull getting ready for the 2016 election by doing a deal for ,ahem,”Senate voting reform” 6 below the line which was to stop weirdos & micro parties being elected to the Senate,you know,just like Bob Brown was way back.
All Australia saw how well that went with the most toxic XBench ever elected.

The Greens have learned nothing in the decade since they celebrated the win over Kevin Rudd`s ETS,denying Australia to be right up there with the EU on renewables & Co2 reduction.

For any whom are interested on ETS facts check out the links posted here>

The big losers,the LNP are a whole another story because the bloodletting is shifted to NSW at present with New South Wales voting early in 2019

But getting back to schadenfreude,I feel it strongly in the trifecta of Good Friday filth that shows how Liberals operate

Getting Labor to pair with these scum after they begged to not work on Good Friday [claiming religious reasons] & because the CFA bill vote was dragged out via obfuscation on the Liberals side going well past midnight

As soon as the Labor pair left the chamber someone sent a text these to bubonic plague carriers & the rats came out of their offices just before the doors were shut for the vote and downed Labors CFA bill.

The CFA in Victoria was used as a scapegoat for Turnbull`s gain in the 2016 election which may have cost Bill Shorten his PMship at first go

Good Friday pair

Correction- although it looked dire for Bernie & Craig,they were re elected,I blame the voters


2 thoughts on “Big Losers & Bigger Losers

  1. Watching the insanity & Mehreen Faruqi on QandA clearly shows Greens can never be working partners to Labor
    Victoria may go ahead like Qld now as I know it takes 2 terms for social programs to come through
    But with 6th year of these Federal cretins upon us the job is exponentially hard
    Western Australia suffers a One Nation balance of power,& believe me it sicken me to the pit of my stomach

    Beyond ridiculous is correct

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