The Dreams Are Real


Bill Shorten rallied us all


On 27th April 2014 Bill Shorten gave an inspiring speech to the faithful drumming up not only hope, but using the speech as a rallying call for drastic reform, and pledged to lift the numbers of ALP Rank and File members.

Bill Shorten said :-

“But everyone needs to have a say in this process – and we should start with Chapter One. 

Chapter One contains Labor’s enduring values.

We need a new Chapter One, a democratically-drafted statement that captures what modern Labor stands for….”

We don’t so much need a new Chapter One – we just need the ideals already contained in the current Chapter One to be diligently and properly applied.





“… It is clear to me that there is a widespread, genuine passion for rebuilding the Labor party.  A passion we all share. 


…If we want to change the government, if we want to change the country, we must change too. So today is a day for facing up to some hard truths.

Friends, Tony Abbott did not put Labor in Opposition – the Australian people put us here. And unless we change, it is where we will stay.


We need to change ourselves. We need to change our party.

If we don’t change – we are putting our very future at risk… 

A campaign to create a Labor party that’s stronger because we have more members and those members have more of a say….

A membership-based party.

A Labor party with 100,000 members.


If you don’t engage in politics, you end up being governed by vested interests – by powerful, privileged voices….


Above all, if we want people to join the Labor party – we must make it clear that Labor is capable of engaging with them and speaking for them.

And if we are truly serious about modernising the Labor party, we need to modernise our relationship with the union movement….

If you have betrayed the trust of your members – you don’t belong in the union movement…


All of us who hold the principles and values of our party dear, must stand together and meet criminality, corruption and misconduct with resolute strength.


Our best defence is to rebuild our party with a new, more open, democratic and transparent model of membership.

Rebuilding Labor means giving our members a voice – not just asking for their vote.


We have to write a new democratic contract.

When the Labor Party was born in 1891, the vision of its founders was of a membership-based party.

But in more recent times, the role of unions within our party has developed into a factional, centralised decision-making role.


If we are to renew and rebuild the Labor party, we must rebuild as a membership-based party, not a faction-based one.

A broader, more inclusive party. A party where more people…are more involved…more often.

 ALP Unions

This is all about respect.

Respect for our members – their values and their judgment….


We must put our faith in transparency – and back the good judgment of local Labor members. 

We need to change our party.

If we don’t change – we are putting our very future at risk…”



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