It Shoulda Been Me

**Satire from Biggy**

Some names have been changed to protect the guilty and some haven`t 

Well Westralians,on March 11 we vote and thankfully no one else in Australia knows this is going on

At this point of the piece could you click on Heidi,Will & Woody for a little background

We don`t care that Colon Barfly has made deals with Poorleen Handwringers One Notion because this is all about Troy Buswell

The most malaligned dentist patient to have ever visited a Subiaco practice,we know him from such entertaining times as State Minister for Bra Snapping,just off the Stirling Highway at Nedlands

Heathen and Wes from “The Rock Show” spared no expense to show how excruciatingly hilarious this is for the perpetrator [ not so the victim}

But don`t let me put baloney sandwiches into your mouths,check it out for yourselves

OK,you may say Troy should not have engaged in snapping a Labor Party staffers bra [reports of gender are forthcoming] but hey,he did and his electorate said,”that`s just Troy”

This Perth Now excerpt explains the inner workings of those living in his Vasse electorate

March 22, 2014 6:00pm

TROY Buswell is famous for bra snapping, chair sniffing and pranging his government car while allegedly drink driving – but in Busselton, he can do no wrong.

A street poll this week showed overwhelming support for the embattled former treasurer in his Vasse electorate, which includes Busselton where Mr Buswell grew up and was shire president before becoming MP nine years ago.

“This is Troy’s town. It’s Troy’s territory. Don’t you write a bad word about him,” said Marion, manager of the local soup kitchen where Mr Buswell donates Christmas hams every festive season.

So you see that at peril to your own life,if you said anything untoward concerning Troy,because Marion would have ya guts for garters

Look you lot,none of this is funny as it should have been Troy running as Premier on the March 11 election and not Colon

His arch enemy and replacement Mikey Nohands is believed to be behind many leaks giving Troy his undeserved pariah status

Firstly,Angry Aussie got angry and then hey he did what all Vasse should have done [and no doubt did} ROTFLTFHO


Anyway came up with a seat sniffing re-enactment for those who can`t quite imagine what it might be like

Apparently it`s nowhere near the real deal because it`s allegedly reported that Troy picked the chair up over his head in some sort of wild eyed frenzied ecstasy {allegedly,apparently}

Then we come to

Weddings,Crashes & Anybody`s Guesses 

Look some may just make up this story of a white gov plated car veering all over the road,jumping kerbs and roundabouts,hitting signposts and parked cars then magically turning up at “his” own driveway where he proceeded to side swipe the left hand gate wall [unsubstantiated rumours of the gate being closed are not,well,er substantiated]

This Channel 9 screen grab has one pic for each eye so as to have a binocular view  of the offending items-*tip place your head extremely close to the monitor to see the secret hidden detail

You are to be left with Troy`s own words to see the gravity of pain he is in because he`s not the one contesting WA Votes 2017 as sitting Premier


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