Look At That – America Still Swings

Stuff Trump and Damn Clinton

Have Trump and Clinton divided the Nation?=probably


Sure there`s more modern stuff on the score sheets,but swing is always in and rattles your bones no matter how old or young

Swing is not only classy,it`s downright sexy and sometimes mean,but never unclean

Swing lifts you up if you`re feeling low,it twittles it`s thumbs and curls it`s toes

It cuddles up to your every pore and sensibility,a feast of eyes,ears and ability

In fact it can be a riot-a whole Zoot Suit Riot

Sure we all hate what America has become,an Oligarchy beholden to a few but we can all still swing

True Classical Rock For Dessert 

But this score by AC/DC transformed into classical by two cellos is how we all should really feel-Fuck The Tyrants-Vote them all out

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