Fake News Creates Fake Memories

I tweet as https://twitter.com/Biggy1883 and believe me I`ve lost many followers either by me blocking them,muting or have similar done to me over the veracity of MSM news about Syria


I`m anti war,an active leftover from the 60`s Nam protest movement and participant in the protests in Brisbane against South African apartheid

I was there on the Thursday night police baton charge when the khaki dressed country coppers marched up Albert Street 100`s strong and stood behind the white hatted blue uniformed coppers

Then came a line of bikie helmeted baton armed coppers

I don`t know how many protesters there actually were but it seemed it was about 1 protester to 1 police


(Photo: QLS Criminal History Tour booklet 2012)– quaintly named archive

I like a number of others heard glass breaking { apparently one of the Springboks allegedly kicked out a hotel window from the inside]

It was like this was the signal for the police baton charge

I threw my American Indian style blanket off myself and turned heal and scarpered with the “WHOOSH” of a baton going past my right ear

I got chased through Wickham Park and jumped the rock wall [10-12 ft high] onto the Albert Street footpath

To my right about 25 yards away about 2-3 dozen protesters had surrounded a police car full of “brass” [high ranking police] and rocked it to and fro severely

Many yelled out to stop this violent action,which they did

Many like myself ran to King George Square to re-muster,others like future Premier Peter Beattie ran to Trades Hall where police entered and gave him a hiding etc read here


Modern  fake news photoshop used by  SMH freelance journo,Neil McMahon and exposed by media watch last year

What got me was the lies told the next day in the Courier Mail  here

Of course being there on the Thursday night I saw that there was no threat from protesters to police or Springboks but the paper made out different

This was for all purposes a very civilised protest,loud but civilised

On the Sunday 25 th July 1971 I was arrested for indecent language by plain clothed police mingled with protesters [my crime was to say “Fuck The Springboks”}


Police came in and dispersed the protesters after a street sermon attended by Labor Senator George Georges

I must have had some foresight that evening because I parked my car earlier in the day on George Street only a half mile from the watch-house

Again the Courier Mail next morning blurted out bullshit and because I was there I clearly saw first hand fake news 

September 1st 2013 

Whilst watching a promo for ABC Insiders on ABC News 24 during the election lead up something was caught by my bullshit meter  here

I really couldn`t put my finger on it until the Fake White Helmets  begun to be exposed

Here are some examples [live links light up}

James Le Mesurier | Wrong Kind of Green


Not to mention his connections back to the infamous Blackwater (Academi). The White Helmet network showing primary funding sources and James Le Mesurier …

Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception – Part I


Oct 23, 2015 – James Le Mesurier has been portrayed as a Humanitarian maverick hero, … The CIA can no longer hide its Blackwater/Academi connections, …

Terror support group nominated for Nobel Peace Prize – The Pen

the-pen.co › Uncategorized

Sep 10, 2016 – The White Helmets was founded by James Le Mesurier, a mercenary … that is now merged with Blackwater-Academi into Constellis Holdings.

The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes NATO’s ‘White Helmets’ as …

Sep 24, 2016 – British Military officer James Le Mesurier … exemplified by the likes ofBlackwater(now known as Academi) and DynCorp, and other well-known …

White Helmets NGO: A “Rescue and Assist” Operation under Guise of …

May 13, 2016 – White Helmets was founded by James Le Mesurier, an admitted … that is now merged with Blackwater-Academi into Constellis Holdings.

This so called first responders paramedic outfit just appeared out of nowhere and began being shown on all MSM

People are donating money to the White Helmets

You can read articles here as to supporting this phoney outfit

Exposing the White Helmets

Warning-graphic content 

That`s the first time this much footage was shown of the execution with the full credits at the end

Now I`ll show you this unedited fake White Helmets rescue

I have a Primary Care Ambulance Officer certificate,St John`s volunteer and this is B Grade acting “ACTION” 

Now lets do some detective work together

I made a gif of the part of the Insiders promo that didn`t gel with my sensibilities


Now beginning from the tank displayed to the disaster rescue scene,yes the lifting of the left hand and the alleged rescuer patting the top of the wrist { looking for a vein you may think}

Then the two stretcher bearers weaving their way through the crowded supposed injured on the floor,near blue shorts dude


It then ends

1-The lead in to a tank firing then seeing the “casualties” was so casual and slipped by most because of “being lead by the nose”


3-Shrapnel leaves damage

4-Concussion Round you may think=similar to 3 leaves some damage

5-Stepping around crowded floor [clearway is a first in first responding]

6-I asked a doctor I know by going through the video with me what she thought,she was astonished,remarking Ï`ll show some of my colleagues and ask who they would triage first”


Abbott was elected on 7th September 2013 and the Baddies vs Baddies video/explanation etc was part of the fake news  used to help him get elected

The lies by media which helped Abbott and Turnbull get elected

The lies by media that portray the FSA & White Helmets as good guy rebels when in fact they are al Qaeda/ISIS



Here`s what inside a crowded building looks like after an explosion by suicide bomber

added 16th March 2017

Warning Graphic Content


Soraya Tebbani Retweeted Walid

Wait … what ?!!! Did she just said “the Free Syrian army always defending the terrorists against other terrorist groups”?? 😂😂 bless her

added 9th March 2017

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights: White Helmets Video, Macabre Manipulation of Dead Children and Staged Chemical Weapons Attack to Justify a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria


I`ll leave you all with this expose`by Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett

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