Neo-Liberal Lefties & The Alt Right

Does anyone know WTF is going on?

Here in Australia we are but a hop skip and jump behind most US trends

We left the “Old Dart” {of sorts} when troops were ordered home by John Curtin to fight the Japanese advance on Port Moresby [advice given by US General Douglas MacArthur}

The 1950`s saw Robert Menzies amplifying McCarthyism and this wiki description is good enough an explanation leading up to what we now call fake news-alternative facts-[all lies without evidence base]

The biggest communist bogeyman,Stalin`s USSR then Mao`s China,were in fact Totalitarian States [voting or not]

We saw the Malayan Emergency precede the Korean War but go on much longer [both supposed wars against communism] but now known to be strategic geopolitical Imperialism by Britain and the US-Australia was drawn into these conflicts as well

The British called the “Malayan People`s Anti Japanese Army” communists because they wanted Britain to leave their soil and just “go fucking home” and give us our country back

How the West Was Won – {by Fake News}


Then came the Korean War and Nick Canning from SBS has a piece on the link

The US Imperialist wars against communism continued into South-East Asia and the “fake news” grew and grew

The television set was becoming common and by the mid 60`s nearly all Australian homes had them

The battle for the mind of voters became a whole new propaganda exercise


There was the Vietnam War and it to was portrayed as a battle against communism,but on the sidelines was a country called Laos and here is where the “fake news”really began in the SE Asian Pacific Rim region [this piece is not concerned with the “Banana War in Guatemala” and US Panama Isthmus Imperialism}

Please do some historical study of the Laotian conflict by looking at videos here ,it`s not only an eye opener but how in the world did these poor people survive the horrors inflicted on them by such inhuman action done by the USA


To put the revised total of 2,756,941 tons into perspective, the Allies dropped just over 2 million tons of bombs during all of World War II, including the bombs that struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 15,000 and 20,000 tons, respectively. Cambodia may well be the most heavily bombed country in history.

In March 1969, President Richard Nixon authorized secret bombing raids in Cambodia, a move that escalated opposition to the Vietnam War in Ohio and across the United States. Nixon believed North Vietnam was transporting troops and supplies through neighboring Cambodia into South Vietnam.

Then here we have the invasion of Cambodia


The tragedy which is Vietnam is well documented and all of us in the West became well attuned to the “fakery”

Arthur Calwell,Labor LOTO was shot by an “anti-commo” type in 1966 and The Monthly did a little piece here

But there spawned in Australia a movement Save Our Sons and here the “fake news” was being tackled and taken head on by MOTHERS.

They didn`t care for Menzies lies and protested conscription from 1965 onwards

There are many wonderful true stories of them here


The Left and Right were clearly defined

Arthur Calwell`s successor Gough Whitlam began to weld together the “Baby Boomers” into a coherent force of political support by simply exposing the lies and more complexly offering a vision for a future where citizens were part of the commonwealth

Gough Whitlam`s emergence saw a moratorium on conscription as LOTO and by December 1972 only 179 Australian troops remained in Vietnam and Whitlam ordered them home”

What also developed was a government that gave Australians universal health care and education as the two most democratic acts followed by the most defining act for Indigenous Rights



Rupert Murdoch ordered editors to ‘kill Whitlam’ and the “fake news got real”

The “born to rule” set all attacked the Democratic Socialism growing a middle class in Australia

We now know the truth of “The Dismissal”and the aftermath

Fraser took no time in beginning to dismantle Medibank with the immediate degrading of all medical services [just the same as Abbott/Turnbull and Howard before them do}

Gough Whitlam`s Universal Healthcare {Medibank} and the Hawke revived Medicare guarded by Keating/Rudd/Gillard has easily given Australians a decade longer of life IMO

September 1st 2013

Massive “Fake News” attack on Australians by the ABC Insiders and shown on an ABC24  promo which Kellyanne Conway would describe as “Alternative Facts”

Baddies vs Baddies please enjoy the reminisce by clicking on the blue

I saw this back then and wondered what was wrong with the visuals as something clicked and said “SUSS

After seeing the White Helmets “Fake News” pennies dropped on Baddies vs Baddies

I went through the original ABC promo one click at a time,then I made a gif of the troubling “Fake News”  [No,not the bit where Murdoch headlines promoting Tony are}

Watch this and tell yourself honestly what you see abbott-fake-saa-attack

Here`s a factual meme that comes to the fore later in the article


OK,you`ve seen the GIF

Go to the same place on the ABC promo

Now beginning from the tank displayed to the disaster rescue scene,yes the lifting of the left hand and the alleged rescuer patting the top of the wrist { looking for a vein you may think}

Then the two stretcher bearers weaving their way through the crowded supposed injured on the floor,near blue shorts dude


It then ends

1-The lead in to a tank firing then seeing the “casualties” was so casual and slipped by most because of “being lead by the nose”


3-Shrapnel leaves damage

4-Concussion Round you may think=similar to 3 leaves some damage

5-Stepping around crowded floor [clearway is a first in first responding]

6-I asked a doctor I know by going through the video with me what she thought,she was astonished,remarking Ï`ll show some of my colleagues and ask who they would triage first”

7-The beginning of the “Fake White Helmets“,pick from many articles and videos on the link

This Ben Swann video put together for the American audience explains in lay person terminology many truths [one poster claims Ben`s vids keep being pulled from youtube]

Neo-Liberal Lefties & The Alt Right begin here

Why Hillary Clinton lost is an even bigger enigma than Trump`s triumph

can be viewed here

Hillary Clinton Email Archive

On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. The final PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016 here

Julian Assange

This is where Neo-Liberal Lefties [a modified form of liberalism tending to favour free-market capitalism]split from the Left

1- The whole US Congress is owned lock stock and barrell by corporations

2- Social Democracy cannot exist in such an environment

Under Intense Pressure to Silence Wikileaks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Proposed Drone Strike on Julian Assange here [denied apparently]

Yesterday 22nd Feb 2017 Pamela Anderson entered the fray

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson told RT she wants to campaign for men who have been falsely accused of rape.

In an exclusive interview with RT’s ‘Going Underground’, the actress and women’s rights activist said a lot of men who face false rape allegations are in a “vulnerable situation” and at risk of being “politically bullied.”

Anderson said her friend WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has not committed a crime, despite facing sexual assault allegations in Sweden. here


So Hillary Clinton is a Neo-Liberal Democrat-that`s not very Left

Then watch Kellanne do it only as she can

Thank you for reading

4 thoughts on “Neo-Liberal Lefties & The Alt Right

  1. After reading through this blog entry it makes a hell of a lot of sense to me when you actually step back and really inspect that video you can see just how mad up it is as like you mention the lack of blood from those injured just makes no sense especially in a war zone such as this plus those white helmets are certainly way out of place and just adds to the fakeness of that video which i would call a propaganda video

    1. Clyde,the laughter in the White Helmets video then “back to seriousness’ fakery was only discovered because someone gave over the original before if was edited
      An ISIS whistle blower

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