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I also love the DHS press release titled ‘Let’s talk about facts’. So yes, we would love to talk about some facts, please do tell us: What is the dispute ratio of the $300m of “identified” debt? Not appeal, dispute/review ratio.

80.87 percent. Official.

How much of the $300m has actually been recovered, in the DHS bank account?

less than 7 Million. as of friday.

What percentage of originally calculated debts have since been altered?

78 percent of all original debt’s have been remalcomated

How much has been spent administering the system including disputes, appeals, etc. in man-hours/expenses? Millions.

It costs about 100 -250 dollars in man hour just to review one file and that’s only if it take one day if it’s weeks ur in the thousands just for one file.

How many people have threatened self-harm as a result of these measures?

A guy at the temora centrelink office walked in and was threating to slit his wrists as he could not handle the pressure. There has been several other incidents like this we may have already had deaths any.

What percentage of raised debts have been wiped entirely?

Very Few. VERY FEW AT ALL.. Most of the memos floating around in senior dept’s are saying not to forgive all of the debt. i know of ppl that have had a debt reduced from hundreds down to 5 dollars just so they can legally say well the systems not broken it’s collecting debts.

What percentage of debts have resulted in underpayments?

Can’t answer this i don’t have this data.


If employees said it was never going to work, why was it rolled out anyway?

Cause fuck you. And fuck u for not doing as ur told. get back to work pleb. Fucking WHIP And they needed to add the 300 million to the May budget line. No less than 87 objections where raised by Front line managment before the rollout… Not one ounce of fucks was given…Literally…i was there for this.. they laughed it off..

Why is DHS still talking about the technicality of ‘debt letters’ vs. ‘notices’ when it’s largely irrelevant? Denying legal culpability. That hole is way to deep now.

Is DHS anticipating a class-action lawsuit? Is it budgeted for?

Yes,They know the law suits are coming. There is a strategy meeting planed for friday to discuss funding preparations and winding in DPP to the meetings to prepare.. this pissed me off when they announced that.. i was like…So instead of fixing the issue. ur gonna pull a VW and fight ppl on it..Well done cunts

How much are the collection agencies making from the automated system?

10 percent fee. plus 15 percent commission Officially

Why didn’t Tudge know about the 10% penalty fee when it was on the first letter sent to people?

He was not briefed on it at the time. As the PR dept that they selected from the Victorian liberal offices deemed it irrelevant at the time. Tudge has been pushed under the bus here.

Does the Government believe that the AAA credit rating rests on the fate of the fanciful $4b from these measures?

No,But it was counting on it to pad out the budget. Now they know the game is up they have commenced reviews of other welfare outpayments. Such as the NDIS. as they know they can gut that with mininmal fallout. and take the funding from that and add it to the budget.


Well Im sorry.

I must apologize everyone my figures on how much has been clawed back is incorrect. Sorry. Let me correct it right now. It’s 7,317,912 Dollars. Unlike the govt i give correct stats


8 thoughts on “CENTRESTINK

  1. Thanks for highlighting this Biggy.

    The treatment of those on welfare by the Libs is untenable. It needs to stop immediately. How we can survive another 2.5 years of this is beyond me.

  2. Well Clyde there`s a problem
    Remember Rudd2 put Australia`s first ever debt ceiling in place capping it at $500 billion

    Of course you know the Greens supported the Abbott governments bill to abolish this debt ceiling prior the May 2014 budget,effectively giving the LNP an open chequebook

    Rudd/Bowen knew WTF they were doing to keep the LNP rorters in check

  3. Yes i remember KRudd2 and bowen doing that as i think they raised it from $200 billion to $500 billion and then when abbott one in 2013 hockey got together with the greens and crossbench to abolish it so whats this talk now of a $500 billion ceiling when it was abolished in 2013 makes no sense to me

  4. Here`s Australia`s current debt

    Australian Government Securities on Issue* $474,423m
    Treasury Bonds $438,873m
    Treasury Indexed Bonds $31,529m
    Treasury Notes $4,000m
    Other Securities $21m
    *Face value amount on issue as at 27 January 2017.

    Just off $475 billion
    As I stated LNP have an open chequebook and will raise it to the max plus

  5. If these bastards are left in i recon that within the next 6 years we’ll hit the $ Trillio mark and from there it’s just a continual upward spiral as they blow every $ on crap like the $$$ billions wasted on the dudd JSp 25 fighter not to mention the billions on bloody subs that will be obsolete by the time we start getting them plus the bullshit about saving jobs in SA that was a SNOW JOB that was carried out to perfection from prissy pyne


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